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Use UNITRACC’s Online Tools to alleviate your daily working routine. The self-contained programme modules have for example useful functions for determining identification numbers for the classification of conditions, hydraulics, maintenance and statics at the ready.

In addition, various different calculations can be quickly mastered, and even more complex planning tasks can be implemented decidedly easier with the help of our Applications. As a result UNITRACC accelerates your working processes and therefore gives you more time to concentrate on the essentials.

Calculation of interest

This app calculates the tables, which are included in the guidelines of the LAWA-working committee for the realisation of dynamic cost comparison calculations.

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This app determines the depreciation rates for constructions. The rates can be calculated on a linear, declining or annual basis.

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Estimation of the subsidence above the shield machine

This app for the estimation of the subsidence through at ground level in cross direction during shield tunnelling, enables the user to determine the estimated depth of the subsidence and also the estimated subsidence at any distance from the jacking axis. The estimations can be carried out according to the approaches of O'Reilly and New and the critical angle ß-theory.

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E-Modulus pressure transfer ring

This app serves for the calculation of the elastic modulus of pressure transfer rings in jacking measures.

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Formula PRO

To support your daily work the Tool "Formula PRO" comes with a broad and concise formulary. The current version of "Formula PRO" offers calculation of geometrical parameters of different 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional figures as well as hydraulic parameters of pipe- and channel profiles.

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Gaussian calculation of areas

This app serves to calculate the total area of arbitrarily shaped and closed survey traverses.

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Hydraulic charts

This app determines the maximum flow rates (Qmax) and the flow velocity (v) of selected sewer profiles.

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Invert shear stress

This app calculates possible invert shear stresses in circular cross sections.

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Jet pressure in high pressure water jetting

This app calculates the effective jet pressure of a cleaning nozzle in high pressure water jetting

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Quantity converter

This apps converts the given values into the required quantity. Please choose quantity range, confirm your selection if required (for deactivated JavaScript) and enter at least one value that is to converted.

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Section forces of circular pipes

This app calculates the cutting forces in the reinforced concrete circular pipe depending on the bedding angle a. The rectangularly spread load has any broadness and the bedding backpressure is evenly radially spread

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This app serves for calculation of hydraulic characteristics of any cross section

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