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New virtual construction site: dynamic pipe bursting

We revised our concept of the virtual construction site to fullfil the needs of mobile web usage and devices. Now we provide this very visual and detailed information without the usage of additional plugins like Adobe Flash. Test our first new virtual construction site now!

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Dr. Robert Stein S & P Consult GmbH and visaplan GmbH would like to welcome you to UNITRACC. On this independent platform we offer you and our clients free and unique information as well as an exclusive online academy on the subjects of pipeline construction, pipeline maintenance and pipeline management.

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New E-Learning Module: C-08 (US) Replacement of Water, Wastewater and Gas Pipelines

Module C-08 (US)

The focus of this module is the trenchless replacement method of pipelines by the means of pipe bursting, gallery techniques, and pipe extraction. In addition to the replacement method and process description, this module discusses the areas of application and limits, the advantages and disadvantages as well as possible rehabilitation errors and options for quality assurance.

The module combines this knowledge into 6 lessons:

  • Pipe Bursting Basics
  • Pipe Bursting
  • The Welding of Plastic Pipes
  • Pullback of Pipelines
  • Gallery Techniques
  • Pipe Extraction

For further information, please download the Module Description (pdf-File).

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