Pumps Valves & Pipes Africa Exhibition (PVPA 2007)

Pumps Valves & Pipes Africa 2007 (PVPA) is the 5th event in the series, scheduled from June 26-28 2007 at Gallagher Estate, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Jun 26, 2007 - Jun 28, 2007
Target groups: technicians, engineers
Category: Exhibition
PVPA 2007 offers the industry new, more-economical solutions for handling the complex fluid streams produced from oil and gas wells.

Exhibit profile covers the entire pumps, valves and pipes product range as utilised in the following industries: the mining industry, water, food and beverage industry, petrochemical industry, the pulp industry, irrigation and other specialist areas.

The show is organised by Exhibition Management Services, South Africa with over 15 years experience of organising international trade fairs throughout Africa, and endorsed by a host of industry bodies.

Concurrent events are PetroTex Africa 2007, an exhibition for suppliers to oil refineries, petrochemical plants, oil and gas installations and pipelines; and ChemTex Africa 2007, a Chemical Process Technology Exhibition.
Gallagher Estate
Johannesburg, South Africa


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