BE 13 Renovation: Lining with Cured-In-Place Pipes - Details on the Installation of Lining with UV Cured-in-Place Pipes

The module "Details on the Installation of Lining with UV Cured-in-Place Pipes” is based on the ordering and installation manual SAERTEX-LINER® for gravity pipes and sewers by SAERTEX multiCom GmbH. This module describes the essential work steps, starting with site preparation, continuing with the installation of the lining tube, the curing and, finally, the essential finishing work.
Note: Specific numerical values in this module apply to products from SAERTEX multiCom GmbH and are not readily transferable to products from other manufacturers.

After completion of this module, you will have a sound knowledge of:

  • the curing of the lining tube with regard to logging, working pressure, positioning of the light source, ignition schemes for various UV light sources;
  • requirements for special rehabilitation conditions, such as special profiles, bends, and nominal diameter changes.

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Publisher: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein & Partner GmbH, Editorial: STEIN Ingenieure GmbH in cooperation with SAERTEX multiCom GmbH (2023)




CIPP, Renovation