Woolpert Contracts with Gwinnett County on $4.5M Sewer, Stormwater Inspection Project

Jul 04, 2016

The firm will perform a yearly assessment for the Metro Atlanta county under one annual contract, renewable for up to four years.

Woolpert has been awarded a sewer and stormwater assessment project by the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners for the Department of Water Resources. The annual contract is valued at $2.9 million for Section B (sewer) and $1.6 million per year for Section A (stormwater), respectively. The contract includes the evaluation of sewer lines and waterways throughout the county, which is located in Metro Atlanta. “We’ll be using pole cameras with high-power zoom to look for defects and debris in the pipes,” said Eric MacDonald, Woolpert project manager.

“The contract is all-inclusive. It includes cleaning, CCTV (closed captioned television) and structure inspections.” Woolpert has 30 years of sewer system experience and 20 years of stormwater system assessment experience across the U.S. The firm has worked with Gwinnett County for more than a dozen years, performing flow monitoring, wastewater inspections and sewer system evaluation surveys (SSES). MacDonald lauded the county’s approach to sewer and stormwater management.

“Without a stormwater utility like this that gets ahead of the problem, pipes often fail, and creek beds erode and become channels for flash flooding,” MacDonald said. “Kudos to Gwinnett County for being proactive, and for their participation in the voluntary CMOM program for their sanitary sewers.” This Capacity Management, Operation and Maintenance (CMOM) program is run through the Georgia Environmental Protection Division. CMOM requires an ongoing inspection and rehabilitation process for the management of wastewater collection systems. These projects are underway.

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