"Trenchless Technology for Installation of Cables and Pipelines" by Dietrich Stein now available in English

Oct 04, 2005

Finally, the time has come! The uniquely extensive compendium by University-Professor Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Stein "Trenchless Technology for Installation of Cables and Pipelines", which has received attention and is highly appreciated among experts, was translated into English for the international market and was published in September. It comprises 15 chapters with a total of 748 pages, 845 figures and 307 tables.

Compared to the German version, which was published in 2003, the majority of the figures were replaced by illustrations especially designed by the company visaplan GmbH, Bochum.

The English version is intended as a two-volume work. It represents an abridged version of the German original. In the first volume, which was now published, chapters 17 "Call for Tenders and Contract Letting Instructions" and 18 "Economic Considerations" were omitted due to their strong national reference as well as reasons of extent. Chapter 16 "Horizontal Directional Drilling" (HDD) is to be published as an individual, revised and updated volume 2 in 2006.

Concerning the translation of this extensive standard work, the editors put special emphasis on using only those technical terms of trenchless installation that correspond to international standard in order to ensure the comprehension of various issues. The English translation was copy-edited by Raymond Sterling, Professor of the Trenchless Technology Center (TTC) of Louisiana Tech University, USA. Additionally, Prof. Dr. Sterling is incumbent Chairman of the International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT).

With the publication and the marketing of the English reference book Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein & Partner GmbH, engineering corporation for pipeline construction, pipeline maintenance and environmental technology in Bochum, has stricken new paths and implements a new business area. The work by Prof Stein is officially released by Stein & Partner under private publishing. The marketing is self-directed by using international distribution channels.

The book can be ordered at Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein & Partner GmbH (Tel. 0049/234/5167-115, office@stein.de) at the price of EUR 120.00 including VAT plus postage and packing. Besides the printed version, shortly also an online version for the interested reader will be available on the internet platform www.unitracc.com.

Also in the future Stein & Partner will make the enormous expert knowledge in the field of pipeline construction and pipeline maintenance as well as the know-how gained during the work in the work fields of research & development, engineering, expert reports, statics, network management and new media available to a large expert audience: in this way another work produced in private publishing, the 110 pages brochure "Practical Guideline for the Application of Microtunnelling Methods" will be made available for the international market by the end of this year. Further information for those interested can be found on www.stein.de.

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