Towards sustainability report

Jan 31, 2007

Water UK has launched Towards Sustainability 2005-2006, its report on water companies’ progress in areas that define their stewardship of social, environmental and economic capital.

The highlights in the report are
  • Use of renewable energy up to 14% from 8% (3% in general economy)
  • Overall energy use down from 8,110 GWh to 7,703 GWh.
  • Land area assessed for biodiversity up to 70% from 50%.

The report sets out how the industry is developing in key areas such as governance, strategic planning and management, the environment, society, and assets and finance.

Pamela Taylor, Chief Executive said: "This report provides key facts about the industry which will help us with planning for the future. It highlights areas of improvement and shows where more work needs to be done.

"This year has been a difficult one with parts of South East England experiencing one of the worst droughts of this century. But thanks to good planning by companies and the help of customers, overall water consumption this year has fallen."

The full version of the report as well as a 12-page version can be downloaded here

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