Feb 16, 2011


The renewal of sewage pipes with the TIP method through a manhole has been extended by a further technically advanced variation.

For this reason TT-UK (TT-Group) have developed a unique device, which can transform the HDPE pipes in their cold state, without affecting the PE material characteristics. This now allows for long pipes to be pulled tight-in pipe through a manhole.
BURSTFORM is basically a roller guiding system, which is installed inside and outside the pulling-in manhole. The GRUNDOBURST rig pushes the QuickLock bursting rods up to the pulling-in manhole inside the old pipe, from the target pit. Outside the manhole the welded pipe length, equipped with the conical PE pulling head is prepared and ready for use. It is connected to the extra flexible rods and pulled through the roller guidance of the BURST-FORM into the manhole. The circular pipe is transformed into an oval form during this process and returned to its circular form before being pulled into the old host pipe.
In the manhole - on the level of the old pipe - the PE pipe is guided through a 90° bend even in the tightest of spaces and is pulled in without any structural pipe creases and with low friction forces. The PE pipe is returned to it's original circular shape, immediately before being pulled into the old pipe with the forming device and pulled in with the GRUNDOBURST. The main advantage is the very high installation speed of up to 100 m/h compared to short pipe installations.
Constructional advantages
  • Applicable with existing pipes, therefore especially recommended in inner-city areas.
  • Minimal jobsite set-up due to small target pit requiring only space for pipe sole + working area.
  • One central target pit for two pipe lengths inserted in opposite directions, each over 100 m lengths.
  • No road-blocks, no traffic diversions or bottlenecks.
  • No trouble with local residents and commercial premises.
  • No excavation, no road disruption and no road repair work.
  • Cost saving due to short construction times and reduction of civil engineering works.
Method advantages:
  • Installation of new sewage pipes as a long pipe: trenchless and socketless.
  • Pipe installation generally from starting manhole Ø 1 m into a target pit up to 100 m away.
  • For pipe material/pipe Ø PE 100 RC from OD 192, 242 and OD 292.
  • The pipes are transformed mechanically and vertically above the manhole and guided into the old pipe.
  • The plastic pipe is brought back into its original circular form before entering the old pipe and pulled in Tight in Pipe.
  • Tight-In-Pipe means only a slight reduction in the cross-sectional area. The hydraulic pipe performance remains intact.
  • The material characteristics of the new plastic pipe are not affected by the forming process.
  • The pipe installation is also possible using the pipe bursting method thus the new pipe can be size for size or even larger than the old pipe.
  • House connections can be connected underground.
  • Short construction times.
  • No personnel required in the manhole during the pulling-in process.

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