Successful training course of decision makers and project executing parties of the wastewater and water sector in Jordan thanks to UNITRACC

Mar 13, 2007

In connection with a joint project by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) (German Society for Technical Cooperation), S&P Consult GmbH (Bochum) is currently developing a rehabilitation strategy for the water and wastewater network. This strategy is to be applied to the populous district Ain Al Basha situated north of the Jordanian capital Aman. Here, the basic and advanced training of experts on the field of water- and wastewater networks in Jordan plays an important part. The qualification and training measures in Jordan are based on the successful and approved comprehensive e-learning concept of the web-based teaching-, learning- and working platform UNITRACC.

European experts on underground infrastructures now contribute to the rehabilitation of the time-worn sewer network by training staff for the rehabilitation of the network by using Jordanian potentials and manpower. In this way the supply- and discharge system for the population is to be improved in a durable way. Around 125,000 inhabitants live in the district Ain Al Basha, for which S&P Consult GmbH, the GTZ, the Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ) and the engineering consultant engicon as a local partner develop a rehabilitation concept. By using UNITRACC, S&P Consult GmbH trains experts on water- and wastewater networks within the scope of the measure, so that inhabitants do not only benefit from clean drinking water.

The first training course dealing with the topic "Maintenance of water and wastewater networks" held by S&P Consult's managing director Dipl.-Ing. Robert Stein took place in Aman at the end of November 2006. "The concept of the course, that lasted several days, is based on the innovative learning method of Blended Learning; a combination of classroom teaching and e-Learning", this is how Mr Stein describes the didactic method of this course.

The participants, decision makers and project engineers of Jordan's water and wastewater sector were delighted by UNITRACC's quality and the extensive offer since nurmerous applications, such as detailed documentations of rehabilitation sites, virtual construction sites, simulations and animations depicted complex content in a clear and demonstrative way.

The UNITRACC editorial office, consisting of civil engineers, media didacts as well as software- and visualisation specialists, develops e-Leaning courses or learning modules that are specially designed to fit the learning needs of the respective customers. After such a course or seminar the modules can still be used and can be extended in various ways depending on the respective educational background. In addition, the learners are advised and supported by personal tutors – enabled by the flexible application of UNITRACC via the world-wide web.

In the future, UNITRACC will be increasingly used abroad as an e-Learning concept for the field of pipeline construction and maintenance. The pilot project in Jordan has once again confirmed the advantage and effectiveness of this learning platform. Already in May 2007 another UNITRACC training course will take place in Jordan dealing with the topic "Rehabilitation Strategies".

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