Sewerage service contracts on the rise

Nov 23, 2015

Increasing sewerage charges are making it more important than ever for industrial users of wastewater treatment to consider their options, says newly appointed WPL Managing Director Gareth Jones. In his ten years at WPL, Jones has seen the Hampshire-based company double in size and the demand for service contracts increase.

The former finance director and acting managing director has recently been appointed permanently to the post of managing director of the manufacturer of package sewage and wastewater plants.

He says: “Industrial companies facing high sewerage charges are also turning to us to help them manage and maintain their systems. Most companies in the UK pay for their industrial effluent to be treated by their local utility using a calculation called the Mogden Formula.

“WPL has a lot of experience helping companies manage their wastewater, meet the regulatory requirements and adjust to local variations. Optimising effluent treatment can deliver significant cost savings.”

Mr Jones continues, “Utilities too are increasingly conscious of the regulator’s requirement for them to consider total capital and operating expenditure – totex – in investment decision-making. This means service and maintenance contracts are becoming increasingly important to WPL’s utility customers.

“People these days are time-poor – and WPL can take over all aspects of wastewater management to enable companies to concentrate on their core business.”

At its base in Waterlooville, WPL manufactures package wastewater treatment plants, which work to the highest environmental standards. While ten years ago the company specialised in plants which could serve the needs of 2,000 people, it has now expanded its range to include models which can serve 10,000 people.

The company can also custom-design, fit and manage wastewater treatment plants for industrial users.

Mr Jones says: “Our experience and manufacturing know how means our team can create custom plants which exactly fit the needs of the client.

 “One of the growth areas is in build-own-operate – where industrial users pay a monthly fee for us to handle all their wastewater treatment.”

Before joining WPL Gareth Jones worked for accountancy firms KPMG and Ernst and Young and worked as a finance director in manufacturing, tourism and oil and gas.

Outgoing Managing Director Richard Gundry is leaving the company and retiring to his native South Africa.

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