Run Your Sewer Camera Crawler Like a Pro

Oct 11, 2018

Get the Inspection Crawler Wheel Set-ups Poster.

To inspect sewers successfully, your crawler must travel as far as possible—and that’s nearly impossible without the right wheels. Properly chosen wheels maximize ground clearance and side wall contact, and offer a tread pattern that optimizes grip and minimizes camera vibration.

To help operators select the best wheels for a given pipe, Envirosight has created a new Inspection Crawler Wheel Set-ups poster. It depicts popular wheel set-ups best suited to various combinations of pipe size, material and condition.

The poster is an ideal field reference for any inspection van. Send us your address (in the U.S. or Canada) and we’ll mail you one for free.

No matter what kind of sewer inspection crawler you use, you won't get far with the wrong wheels. Pipe material, diameter and condition all have an impact on wheel choice. Select the wrong wheels, and chances are you'll lose traction before your inspection is complete.

Fortunately, choosing wheels just got easier. Our FREE wheel selection poster recommends the best wheel based on attributes of the pipe you're inspecting. Hang it in your truck for easy reference.

Request your copy today!


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