Osscad and CJ Kelly bring liner curing monitoring to the UK market

Jan 27, 2017

Germany-based OSSCAD GmbH & Co. KG specialises in the design, development, support and technical consulting for optical sensor technologies. The company places a special emphasis on the ongoing development and promotion of its products in the area of CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) rehabilitation and monitoring of buried energy cables. In 2017 OSSCAD will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

As part of its product range OSSCAD has developed the CMS measuring system for the monitoring of the liner curing process during pipeline rehabilitation operations of both sewer and drinking (potable) water pipes.

The CMS system consists of a CMS measuring instrument (laser radar), a fibre optic cable (LWL cable) as a line-shaped temperature sensor (CMS sensor cable) and the CMS application software (VISCOM liner) for the evaluation and visualisation of the curing temperature measuring data.

The CMS System has been patented in Germany since January, 2010 and the USA and European markets since 2012. Since 2013 the CMS procedure has been used in Europe, the USA, South America and Australia on more than 2,500 installations.

How it works

The decisive criteria for rehabilitation contractors is determined when is the minimum cure temperature reached along longitudinal direction of the liner. This is determined with a calculator-supported evaluation of the local measuring data. With zone evaluation as a process module the calculation results can be visualised in colour by the rehabilitation operator. Utilising the CMS system the different zone colours are displayed in accordance with the curing qualities of the liner.

The CMS system can be utilised with all types of liner curing techniques including Hot Water, UV and Steam. It simply monitors the temperature change over the cure period at the liner outer skin so works correctly irrespective of the curing technique

In practice once the pipeline to be lined has been cleaned and prepared, a sensor cable is drawn into the section being lined. The liner is then installed in the usual manner so that the sensor cable contacts with the outer skin of the liner. The sensor cable is then connected to the monitoring system and as the curing operation progresses the temperature changes of the liner are registered. The changing temperatures are then displayed as a colour graph that indicates not just the temperature change but also any hot or cold spots or areas where the reaction is not proceeding as might be expected. The output from the senor cable and monitor can be stored for future reference should it be necessary.

The senor cable is designed to take temperature reading s at up to every 150 mm along the liner length at time intervals of one minute. This ensures that the full curing process can be observed in real time as it progresses. The readout from the monitoring system can also be accessed remotely so that if required not only can the lining operatives see the temperature chart but the client or the contractor’s management team can follow the project’s progress in real time via data link or WiFi connection.

Curing Advantages

Ursula Heising of OSSCAD GmbH & Co. KG said: “In short, the CMS is characterised by an easy-to-use, robust system of components and a very competitive software package which offers new possibilities for renovation companies and their customers.”

The advantages of using the CMS System include:
  • On-line monitoring of the thermal curing process during the rehabilitation operation
  • Colour marking when the required minimum liner cure temperature is achieved which therefore offers a clear decision support for the rehabilitation companies especially on difficult construction sites
  • Reduction of the energy costs and CO2 emissions
  • High-level proof of the thermal curing process over the total length of the liner and for the whole duration of the rehabilitation operation 
  • A rise of the acceptance of tube liners with rehabilitation companies and local authorities

As part of the operation to bring the CMS system to the international market, OSSCAD recently announced that Peterborough, UK-based C.J. Kelly Associates was now the new UK Partner for distribution of the system across the UK and Ireland. C.J. Kelly International will also be able to offer the system on a more global basis.

Commenting on the new partnership John Kelly of CJ Kelly Associates said: “Monitoring of the liner curing process to ensure that the whole liner product has been fully and correctly cured has been something the rehabilitation industry has been after for about 20 years. Now the CMS system offers just that. With some 25 years plus experience of the pipe lining sector with our various liner and support product ranges we can see just effective the CMS system will be for both lining contractors and clients alike. For the first time in the industry’s history we now have a system that will show in real time how a curing operation is running and still provide a record of the process for back reference.”

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