New Groundforce Product is a Breath of Fresh Air

May 16, 2013

Groundforce Shorco has unveiled a revolutionary lightweight shoring product which employs inflatable panels instead of heavy metallic plates to support shallow excavations.

Developed in France, where it is manufactured under license by Pronal Elastomer Engineering, the Blindeo system consists of inflatable panels made of tough rubberised textile braced with steel Acrow-style screw props.

Each Blindeo panel comprises two tough sheets linked together internally by thousands of closely-spaced polyamide threads. When inflated, these threads ensure a constant thickness of approximately 135 mm between the two outer shells, keeping the panel flat and rigid.

The Blindeo system is designed specifically for use in excavations up to 2.0m deep in reasonable, self-standing ground and is ideal for utilities and streetworks applications. Despite being inflated to only 650 mbar (less than 10 psi), the system is sufficiently strong and rigid enough to offer a safe working panel pressure of 15 kN/m².

Each panel weighs just 13 kg and is easily handled by one person. When deflated, the panels measure 2,000 mm x 1,440 mm and can be folded, or rolled up for carrying and storage. Although light and flexible, the tough Kevlar-reinforced rubberised fabric is highly resistant to abrasions, tearing and cutting and will withstand normal site wear and tear.

Blindeo is supplied in kits comprising four panels, an inflation line, a Venturi inflating/deflating valve and connecting straps, all packed into a sturdy purpose-made box. Eight steel screw props are also required for lateral support.

Several kits can easily be carried in a standard Transit-type van and all that is required to deploy the system is a standard site compressor.

The Blindeo system is now approved for use in the UK by several organisations and is available for hire exclusively from Groundforce Shorco.

“We believe this innovative product is truly ground-breaking in the field of trench support and will provide a supremely light and convenient method for supporting minor excavations where portability and speed of deployment is essential” explains Richard Foster, Groundforce Asset Manager.

The system is available for hire immediately throughout the UK.

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