More key partners come on board as partners of IFAT 2010

Jan 05, 2010

ITAD, RBV, DGAW and VDRK join up as new partners of IFAT in Munich. First cooperation with the THW in the section on coastal protection and flood control.

IFAT now has even more support from the sector for its next showing between 13 and 17 September 2010. As well as the four conceptual sponsors and ten other long-term partners, a number of new partners – all of them respected industry associations and organisations – are now also on board. They are the Interessengemeinschaft der Thermischen Abfallbehandlungsanlagen in Deutschland e.V. (ITAD), the Rohrleitungsbauverband e.V. (RBV), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Abfallwirtschaft e.V. (DGAW) and the Verband Deutscher Rohr- und Kanal-Technik-Unternehmen e. V. (VDRK).

The ITAD, the RBV and the DGAW will be organising joint stands at IFAT for their member firms. The ITAD is also planning to examine and discuss waste-management and technology themes in a range of trade events together with national and international representatives from business and politics.

In addition, in the section on coastal protection and flood control, there will for the first time be a cooperation with the Technisches Hilfswerk (THW), the disaster-relief organisation. In this context, a demonstration space is being planned at which machinery and systems can be shown in working action. Information about the joint stands can be obtained from the associations concerned or direct from the Exhibition Management of IFAT.

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