HDD Practice Handbook

Aug 21, 2006

This illustrated book contains the practical world of HDD technology, machines, tools, soil tests, drilling fluid mixture, job site preparation, bore planning, drilling process, reaming, pipe laying and pipe embedding in the ground, job documentation, the range of different applications, job sites reports from different parts of Europe and Arabia and in the jobsite reports an enormous source of solutions for practical doing.

The handbook is written for planning engineers, construction engineers and technicians, pipeline and network engineers and technicians, engineering companies, construction and pipeline companies, network and pipeline owners, installation companies of mains, cables, fibers, ducts, sewers and complete networks, drillers of all branches, drilling fluid specialists, environmental and water management applications, foundations specialists, all people which are engaged in the underground infrastructure, all which like to combine economical and ecological advantages by going trenchless and by using newest technological possibilities for underground construction.

The practice handbook includes the following chapters:
  • Technology of trenchless pipeline installation with HDD
  • Soil analysis as a precondition for successful pipe installation
  • Comparison of trenchless and open cut construction
  • HDD machine technology
  • Drilling fluid
  • Rock drilling technique with low-flow and motors
  • Application range of HDD
  • Practical application examples
  • Technical guidelines and quality assurance in HDD
  • HDD literature

H.-J. Bayer (ed.): HDD Practice Handbook.
Essen: Vulkan-Verlag (2005).
192 pages.
€ 60,00
ISBN 3-8027-2739-8

To order the book go the website of Vulkan-Verlag Essen.
For any information contact s.konietzko@vulkan-verlag.de.

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