HDD Accepted for Logan Project

Nov 26, 2019

The Logan City Council have begun the longest underground drilling project in the city’s history, using horizontal directional drilling (HDD). The project will use HDD to lay pipes over 1.32 km from Greenbank to Flagstone, connecting Greater Flagstone to the council’s wastewater facility in Cedar Grove.

By using underground drilling technology, the council will avoid clearing approximately one hectare of vegetation.

Logan City Council Roads and Water Infrastructure Acting Direction Daryl Ross said this is a positive outcome for both the location environment and the council.

“This project will have less environmental impact on Flagstone Creek and Abrade Creek,” said Mr Ross. “It’s a great environmental result and is a significant cost saving for Logan City Council.”

Mr Ross said the construction of the wastewater pipeline will be an Australian-first in the council’s use of two new technologies.

“This is the first time in Australia that a high-stress, crack-resistant polyethylene pipe is being used for a wastewater project,” stated Ross.

The project will also be the first Australian use of an underground magnetics walkover system, which can track buried pipe up to a depth of 110 m compared to traditional tracking devices’ limit of 20 m.

The anticipated design life for these pipes is 100 years. Logan City Council estimates the HDD project will be completed by December.

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