Enviro-Chemie builds treatment center for liquid waste in Jradou, Tunesia

Nov 21, 2006

Enviro-Chemie as a European specialist for economical industrial wastewater and water recycling engineering realises a project in Tunesia in co-operation with Dywidag.

ENVIRO-CHEMIE is working with Dywidag International in Jradou, Tunesia, to build a central disposal facility consisting mainly of a landfill and a disposal center for liquid waste. Dywidag International received the commission for the project, which is funded by the German KfW Banking Group, and ENVIRO-CHEMIE will supply Dywidag with the entire liquid waste treatment plant, which is based on ENVOCHEM technology. The plant can treat organic and inorganic wastewater with varying contaminant loads and is equipped with multiple lines.

The influx of this liquid waste or wastewater concentrate first goes through a probe and analysis before going on to different inlets with integrated course solids removal. The waste is then fed into different buffer containers.

The first chemical treatment step removes emulgated materials through flocculation and emulsion splitting processes. The wastewater is subsequently detoxified of cyanide or chrome and heavy metals through flocculation/precipitation. The treated water is filtrated and treated with reverse osmosis, where the organic contents are depleted. The fine sludge produced by flocculation and filtration is further concentrated and pressed into dry sludge in a chamber filter.

Using inorganic additives, soft waste can be cemented and made suitable for disposal in a mixing and cementing plant. The plant is modular and even after initial installation can be expanded and adapted to changing requirements. A central operation system supports the mostly automated processing. Plant exhaust is treated in an integrated exhaust treatment plant.

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