Continuous production of polymer modified bitumen (PMB) in road construction

Dec 07, 2005

Globalization, economic growth, and the abolishment of borders within Europe have resulted in a continuous increase in heavy goods traffic. These ever rising traffic levels have led to a continuously increasing strain on our traffic surfaces in both road and airport construction. In order to satisfy these requirements, more and more polymer modified binding agents (i.e. bitumen) are used in asphalt production.

Polymer modified bitumina (PMB for short) are factory produced mixtures of bitumen and polymers, in which the polymers alter the elastoviscous properties of the bitumen, thus rendering the binding agent more suitable for specific loads and demands. In most cases, the use of traditional road construction bitumina does not meet the requirements for heavily used roads. Among the advantages of polymer modified bitumen are:  
  • lower temperature sensitivity
  • improved cohesion
  • reduced symptoms of material fatigue
  • high resistance to fracture
  • high resistance to permanent distortion.

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