Climate pressure for leaking pipes

Feb 13, 2007

Further political pressure on European water utility companies to fix their leaking pipes is expected following latest predictions from climate change experts.

Roel van t'Veer, general manager of the European Plastic Pipe & Fittings Associations (TEPPFA) says: “The European Commission is rightly concerned with eliminating the cause of climate change but there is a growing urgent need to fix the symptoms. Emissions trading schemes, green papers on climate change strategies and a focus on car exhaust fumes may come all too late to avert water scarcity this year and for many years to come.”

The weather climate predictions follow on from the Stern Report issued by the British Treasury that warns of droughts that could create millions of refugees and cost nations 5 to 20 percent of GDP.

“Plastic pipe technology is already providing sustainable solutions in Europe and can do a lot more. Large-scale pipe rehabilitation with plastic pipe systems is capable of significantly offsetting the effects of future drought. Spain, UK, Italy and some regions of France require substantial investment in water distribution networks.” Says the industry spokesman.

“However, when it comes to leaks, water utilities in Europe are more easily persuaded by public opinion and regulation than by technological arguments. Yet the real arguments are about corporate responsibility and they are very appealing: long-term investment in fixed assets for a solid performance and sustained stock market values. This instead of cost cutting for short term profit and roller-coaster stock market values.”

“What many of these water companies do not appreciate is that corporate responsibility is more about public performance than public relations.”

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