A successful performance for M-Coating in Cornwall

Nov 20, 2006

At a location where films for the big screen and TV are made, Perco Engineering Services Ltd has starred in a feature of its own. M-Coating, the shaft coating system with ERGELIT-KS1, will in future be stabilising and protecting large shafts in Charlestown, to ensure that the environment has long-term protection against effluent.

Operating on behalf of Edmund Nuttall Ltd, contractors for South West Water, Perco coated 6 shafts with a total area of about 130 m2. These shafts measured up to 7.5 metres deep and varied in section from round through oval to rectangular. Shafts varied in profile and size along their depth, sometimes up to 2 metres in diameter. Faced with the challenge of renovating this sewage installation, Perco opted for the M-Coating system, which has been used on the continent since 1998 with ever increasing success, on many thousands of shafts.

HERMES Technologie provided Perco with the support of an experienced operator, which meant that the contract was successfully completed in only 2 days. There is hardly any other renovation system which could have carried out the recoating with such precision and to such a high standard. M-Coating has DiBT certification for interceptor pits from Berlin. DiBT is an official body and a member of EOTA. M-Coating has a CE certificate from the TÜV NRW, and the TSSR cleaning process has been tested by the IRO (Oldenburg Pipeline Institute) and categorised as very good. In addition, the IKT at Gelsenkirchen confirms that M-Coating's TSSR cleaning system is a procedure that has yet to be bettered or even equalled.

The TSSR is adjusted to the shaft's diameter and then automatically power-jets the shaft walls in two successive passes, at an average speed of 10 cm per min. This provides a stable substrate for the subsequent coating process. The soundness of the substrate is tested with a rebound hammer before ERGELIT is applied. The thickness of the layers applied is checked and confirmed as correct, or the thickness of the coating is modified. In the case of the Cornwall job, everything went according to plan, and after the shafts had been successfully cleaned an even coating of 10 mm of ERGELIT-KS1 was quickly applied by centrifugal spray. The spray head, rotating at 500rpm, is lowered and raised in an even and continuous movement until the desired thickness is achieved.

The ERGELIT dry mortar is mixed automatically to a smooth consistency in the M-Coating appliance and pumped at 8 litres per min to the spray head. The hoist's steady high speed of 4 metres per min gives a coating with an even, orange-peel surface without any unwanted rings (see picture). Thanks to the rapid reaction time of this environmentally-friendly mortar, shafts can be entered after only one hour.

When the next film was being shot in Charlestown in the first week in August, nobody had any idea of what had been going on there only a few days before. The site had been cleared up, the shaft covers replaced and only the local residents still recall Perco Ltd's highly successful performance.

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