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Based on an impressive track record of more than 9 years since its inception we intend to create a WaterVent Biz community with technology innovators, corporates in water tech, corporates with heavy need of water, utilities, power plants, Investors, civil engineering companies, consultants, spezialised legal consultants & accountants, incubators, clusters, research institutions, foundations, charities... who want to be showcasted in our site aswell as on our forums.

Apr 25, 2019 - Apr 26, 2019
Target groups: engineers, technicians, decision makers, professionals in water management
Category: Symposium


WaterVent - Corporate Venturing Forum in the water tech nexus

WaterVent can be perceived as a Corporate Venturing Forum in the water tech nexus. water technology innovators have to cope with two main challenges:

  • I. funding (by VC, corporates, charities & foundations, Family Offices, private individuals, public grants & loans)

  • II. detecting and convincing (first) Clients (application references!) - industrial corporates, farmers, real estate owners and utilities which are open minded (courageous?) to give new and - often - disruptive technologies a trial

WaterVent is a platform dedicated to matching innovators and these two groups by showcasting water technology innovations to those who are in need of and/or who want to engage in.

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WATERVENT is a platform of Leonhard Ventures | Ulf Leonhard e.K

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