Water & Membrane China (Shanghai) 2007

Water & Membrane China (Shanghai) 2007 is organized by the International Foundation for the protection of Drinking Water, Shanghai Environment Protection Industry Association, Shanghai Society of Environmental Sciences, and Membrane Industry Association.

Apr 03, 2007 - Apr 05, 2007
Target groups: technicians, engineers
Category: Fair
The World Fair which is going to be held in Shanghai is bound to promote the Shanghai's economy as well as east China and the whole country's development, especially in city public traffic, infrastructure, housing and land Industry. Water pollution and water leakage problems will become more and more obviously. Recently, Shanghai has been classified as one of 300 water-shortage cities. The worsening of water shortage has been one of the restriction factors of national economy development. Informations of water quality monitoring which reflect water resource quality cause to the attention in social circles.

This is a comprehensive exhibition in water aspects, such as membrane & water treatment technology, wastewater which is based on the prior five successful exhibitions' experience. It is currently widely accepted as the world´s biggest exhibition in water aspects which will be impressed by its strong speciality, high technique and wider extent on display. The newest domestic water treatment skill achievements and productions will be on display.

For further information go to the website http://www.sino-expo.net/water2005en/welcome.shtml.
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