The Utility Management Conference 2012 (Miami, FL, USA)

Jan 30, 2012 - Feb 02, 2012
Target groups: Engineers, decision makers, professionals
Category: Conference
The conference committee is again calling for abstracts that tie into the Ten Attributes of Effectively Managed Water Sector Utilities and the five Keys to Management Success. More information on the attributes can be found at The Ten Attributes and the Five Keys present a framework for water sector utilities to balance the competing challenges they face on a daily basis and help identify strategies that enable them to become more effective and ultimately more sustainable organizations.
A new concept for the 2012 conference is the Utility Leader Forum. The conference committee is interested in having utility leaders share their view points with conference attendees. Selected presenters will have a short podium presentation followed by a lengthy interactive discussion. Utility leaders are encouraged to submit on real world experiences related to: Board management; Managing the senior management group; and Managing the message. Topics including subtopics are listed below:
1. Product Quality
2. Customer Satisfaction
3. Employee and Leadership Development
4. Operational Optimization
5. Financial Viability
6. Infrastructure Stability
7. Operational resiliency
8. Community Sustainability
9. Water Resource Adequacy
10. Stakeholder Understanding and Support
11. Abstracts related to the Five Keys to Management Success, including (but not limited to):
12. Utility Leader Forum
13. Other
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Sewage treatment
Hyatt Regency Miami
400 South East Second Avenue
USA 33131-2197 Miami, Florida
United States
Target language English


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