Shield tunnelling in soft soils

Mar 03, 2009 - Mar 05, 2009
Target groups: skilled tradesmen, technicians, students, engineers
Category: EducationTraining
Over the last decade worldwide shield tunnelling has assumed large proportions and knowledge has leaped along with it. Understanding of critical mechanisms has increased and so has computing capability. This has resulted in more advanced design methods. Today shield tunnels are being built in areas with difficult soil conditions while restrictions exist to minimize settlements.

This three-day course raises the awareness of the key risks involved in a wide range of shield tunnelling aspects. As shield tunnelling is one of the most integrated construction methods in the civil engineering practice, it is vital to have a good understanding of all disciplines involved. This course provides good insight in the state of practise of the design methods for the different issues in shield tunnelling. The steppingstone is a risk driven design method to come to grips with tunnelling projects.
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