Practical Pigging Operations Training Course (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Sep 12, 2011 - Sep 16, 2011
Target groups: Engineers and technical personnel involved in field pigging operations.
Category: Seminar
A five-day training course covering the practical aspects of pipeline pigging.

This NEW training course provides a wide-ranging overview of all aspects of pigging operations.

The course uses the recently-inagurated 14-in, 120-m long, water and nitrogen/air-driven test loop at the site. During the five days, the participants typically perform up to nine different runs of various tools.
The syllabus includes both hands-on exercises using the test loop(s), as well as classroom instruction, and full documentation. The content of the course has been developed jointly by Penspen, PipeWay, and Clarion/Tiratsoo Technical. PipeWay, through its Rio de Janeiro office, has agreed to provide cleaning, geometry, and intelligent tools for use during the course, along with its expert technicians. Among subjects that the syllabus will cover are:
  • Pig trap doors: design, operation
  • Types of utility tool
  • Types of intelligent tool
  • Launch/receive trap design
  • Launching and receiving utility and intelligent tools
  • How to assess a tool’s performance
  • Signaling and pig location
  • Locating and reporting sample defects
  • Site safety: procedures and performance
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Duque de Caxias
Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Target language English


BJ Lowe





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