No-Dig India 2009

Sep 09, 2009 - Sep 11, 2009
Target groups: labourers, skilled tradesmen, technicians, students, engineers
Category: Conference
Trenchless construction methods are getting much of the attention in India on underground utility projects. Though, at one time, trenching was considered as the most cost efficient construction method, enormity of requirements & the huge urban density is changing this perception fast. The requirements & the urban settings are forcing the development & maintenance engineers to opt for Trenchless Technology is a mojar way. With a view to providing assistance to such technology demand and also for promotion of newer technologies Indian Society for Trenchless Technology (IndSTT), the apex organization to promote Trenchless Technology in this part of the globe, is organizing No-Dig India Show 2009 on September 9th to 11th 2009 at India Habitat Center, New Delhi where confluence of clients, Consultants, Service providers, Equipment supplier, Technology provider will meet to discuss the various issues including network meetings.

Current Indian subsurface projects fall under two distinct generes, Urban Renewal & Petrochemical & Gas. Urban projects sources are Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM) whereas Petro chemical and Gas projects are various producers & handlers developing cross country & city distribution networks.

The current subsurface networks projects of JnNURM generally are based in densely populated regions of the 63 mission cities where techniques like Moling, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Pipe Ramming, Pipe Jacking, Auger Boring, Microtunnelling, Pipe Bursting, Steplining, GRP Lining, Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) and other type of special linings and repairs and non-destructive testing services like GPR, CCTV and other related techniques can help the project owners to a great extent in completing the projects in time and to adopt the required technology to accomplish the project requirement.

The Petrochemical & Gas sector require these services both in urban areas as well as difficult tracts where trenching is not possible wherein Trenchless Technology can provide a cost effective solution to the subsurface challenge. The project execution agencies, who till now, were executing Trenchless Technology projects on a selective basis are facing complex situations where the project engineers are not completely sensitized about Trenchless Technology and the existing contracting & consulting agencies are not well equipped to handle the magnitude of such requirements. There is a mounting pressure to complete the projects quickly by adopting newer technologies whereas there are limited service providers leading to the need of enhancing execution capacities of Indian Trenchless Markets. No-Dig India Show 2009 which is structured to assist this capacity development through its various subevents.

The show is going to have series of training classes, workshops, conference, live demonstration of equipments, release of books, networking meetings and display of trenchless technology equipments/products during the show.
India Habitat Centre
New Delhi, India


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