NASTT’s New Installation Methods Short Course (Ontario, CA, USA)

Oct 29, 2012 - Oct 30, 2012
Target groups: worker
Category: Seminar
The New Installation Methods Course addresses trenchless methods commonly used to install new pipe and casing. These methods include: (1) auger boring; (2) pipe ramming; (3) pipe jacking; and (4) the pilot tube method. Examples and case studies will be presented to assist attendees in determining which method is preferable to use under various project conditions and requirements. Course Topics: Introduction of Trenchless Methods for New Installations; Importance of Understanding Subsurface Conditions; Site Set-up, Shafts, Pits and Portals; Pilot Tube Method; Auger Boring; Pipe Ramming; Pipe Jacking; Casing vs. Product Pipe and Grouting; Examples and Case Studies. Receive a Continuing Education Unit certificate issued by Louisiana Tech University for your participation.
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Ayers Boutique Suites Convention Center
Ontario, CA
United States
Target language English



Lueke Jason

United States





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