Maintenance and intelligent pigging of pipelines

Oct 19, 2006
Target groups: technicians, engineers
Category: Conference
At the direction of Governor Murkowski and with funding from the Charter for Development of the Alaska North Slope, BP Exploration (Alaska), Inc. (BP), ConocoPhillips Alaska (CPAI) and the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) will host two conferences at the Hilton Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska on October 19 and November 13, 2006. The objective of each conference is to examine the latest technology and best practices for corrosion management, monitoring, and inspection of oil pipelines in Arctic climates. The first conference on Maintenance Pigging of Pipelines will be held October 19, 2006 . The second conference on Intelligent Pigging of Pipelines will be held November 13, 2006 .
Hilton Hotel
Anchorage, Alaska