Kuwait Pipeline Technology Conference & Exhibition (Kuwait)

Oct 06, 2010 - Oct 07, 2010
Target groups: technicians, engineers
Category: Conference
Held for the first time in Kuwait, The Kuwait Pipeline Technology Conference & Exhibition is a new international platform for products, systems and services relating to the transport of oil, gas and water. The focus will be on the entire value added chain – from planning, construction and operation to maintenance and repair. All these aspects will be discussed during the conference. It will provide participants with practical solutions for effective planning, design, construction, operation, corrosion, mitigation and maintenance strategies applied to state-of-the-art pipeline networks. The conference will go beyond the obvious, presenting detailed information and techniques much needed to overcome the most pressing challenges in overcoming effective planning and management of pipeline systems.

The main objective of the event is to share technological advances, operational experiences and to present important ongoing pipeline projects. It also aims to integrate companies that act in different segments of the pipeline industry: operation, construction, engineering, research and development, training and equipment suppliers. The conference will feature lectures and presentations by major oil & gas companies, utility providers, engineering firms, transport operators, industry associations, industrial providers and users on all aspects surrounding pipeline systems.

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