EWA Seminar: A Guide to the EU Water Policy

This seminar will give you a general overview of the EU water policy. As it is an interactive seminar with the possibility to ask questions concerning the policy relating to your country in particular.

Nov 26, 2018
Target groups: skilled tradesmen, engineers, technicians, decision makers, professionals in water management
Category: Seminar


Water and the Environment have an increased impact in the European Union. According to a new Eurobarometer survey (Special Survey 416 from September 2014), almost all Europeans say that protecting the environment is important to them personally, and over half say it is very important. Half or more of Europeans say that they are worried about air pollution and water pollution, while over four in ten are worried about the impact on health from chemicals in everyday products and the growing amount of waste.  Over three-quarters of respondents feel that environmental problems have a direct effect on their daily lives. An understanding of legal basis, context and decision-taking mechanisms are thus of increasing importance for policy makers and planners at all levels.

Thus, the 2018 seminar will focus on

  • Water Framework Directive, in the light of recent judgments by the Court of Justice;

  • Drinking Water Directive, in the light of the human right to safe drinking water, and ongoing discussions on a revision of the Directive;

  • Nitrates Directive, and Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive, looking at the latest EU-wide performance reports.

The time schedule will allow ample time for discussion and complementary questions. The event is interactive; tailor-made for you and your interests.

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Target language English


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