Dealing with the challenges of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is one of the fastest growing techniques for trenchless installation of pipelines.

Nov 07, 2007 - Nov 08, 2007
Target groups: technicians, engineers, skilled tradesmen
Category: Seminar
Aim of the course:
During this two-day course participants will learn to master the design of HDD crossings while considering the risks involved. This will help participants to choose the appropriate equipment and materials from the large variety that is available today. During this course the state-of-the-art developments in HDD technology are considered.

The course provides: 
  • an overview of required equipment for horizontal directional drilling 
  • choice of specific drilling tools 
  • practical and theoretical information about drilling fluids and hydraulic modelling
  • an overview of design aspects 
  • risk analyses and risk reducing measures..

The third day of the course is an optional day with an excursion and a visit to a drilling site.

A course brochure can be downloaded below (pdf).
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