No-Dig Poland 2014

The conferences NO – DIG POLAND are organized every second year in Kielce. This time it would be the six edition of the event. So far the conferences have attracted the wide attention of national and foreign companies, institutions or producers involved in trenchless technologies.

Apr 08, 2014 - Apr 10, 2014
Category: Conference

The conference NO – DIG POLAND covers the following topics referring to rehabilitation and installation of underground infrastructure using trenchless technologies: damages of pipelines and failure analysis, condition assessment and management of underground pipelines, operation and maintenance of pipelines, field and laboratory testing of pipelines, trenchless installation of underground pipelines including microtunelling, pipe jacking and others (the examples of realization), trenchless rehabilitation of underground pipelines including: repair, sealing, rehabilitation, replacement (the examples of realization), pipes used for trenchless applications, materials used for repair and rehabilitation of pipelines as well as underground infrastructure building, devices used for trenchless technologies, devices used for cleaning and diagnostics of underground pipelines, planning and designing of trenchless installation as well as rehabilitation of underground pipelines, large – scale tunneling.

Hotel Uroczysko
Cedyna 44d
25-900 Kielce
Target language English


Kielce University of Technology

Ph.D. Eng. Emilia Kuliczkowska

Al. 1000-lecia P.P. 7

25-314 Kielce



0-41 34-24-568



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