4th web-based training "Efficient Management of Wastewater, its Treatment and Reuse"

This web-based Training offers an advanced course for professionals in wastewater management, treatment and reuse preferably from Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Turkey.

Oct 01, 2006 - Nov 26, 2006
Target groups: engineers
Category: EducationTraining
  • to refresh the participants' knowledge about wastewater engineering
  • to give solutions for decentralised wastewater treatment plants
  • to teach new appropriate technologies focussed on sustainability and water reuse in rural areas
  • to improve know-how transfer

    Duration: 40 hours during 8 weeks

    Language: English

    Required means for joining the course: Internet access (at least 2h/week), computer equipment, internet browser, pdf reader

    Requirements for getting a certificate: Active participation in forum and chats and passing the multiple choice tests

    Content, Exercises and Case studies in the following topics:
    Module A: Wastewater Characteristics and Hygienic Aspects
    Module B: Decentralised and Sustainable Wastewater Treatment
    Module C: Operation and Maintenance of Small Wastewater Treatment Plants
    Module D: Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse

    You can get more information on the course and schedule by visiting http://www.emwater.org/activities/e-learning.htm
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