3D Modelling of pile groups using Mpile

Oct 02, 2009
Target groups: Design engineers working for contractors and consultants, project managers of government agencies, design engineers for offshore constructions
Category: EducationTraining
The behaviour of pile groups under horizontal and/or vertical loads is often the subject of hefty discussions amongst practitioners. Typical discussions focus on the approach followed and the value of analyses results. It is common knowledge that different models produce different results. In too many cases, however, only one model is used in practice to predict the behaviour of pile groups. This course will feature several popular models used in practice and focus on their advantages and disadvantages. In addition to exploring different models, this course will highlight the models available in MPile. MPile will be used for the analyses of pile groups, taking the interaction between piles into account.

One of the advantages of MPile is that users can quickly compare results obtained with different models. The different models available in MPile also allow for fast design of pile groups. A simple model is used for the preliminary design, whilst more complex models can be used to analyze the final design. Switching between models, while still maintaining common parameters and the layout geometry, gives the user more time to compare and evaluate results.

Objectives of this course:
  • participants will learn to choose the most appropriate calculation model available in MPile
  • participants will learn the background necessary to work with different calculation models
  • participants will make use of the latest version of MPile
  • participants will learn how to get the most from the available MPile output
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