AE-08 - Replacement of Water, Wastewater and Gas Pipelines

This course includes tutorial services and a final examination. Replacement refers to the installation of new water, wastewater and gaspipelines in place of existing pipelines, where the new pipeline takes over the functions of the old water, wastewater and gas pipelines. The replacement process is subdivided into three methods: "open cut method", "semi open cut method" and "trenchless method". The focus of this module is the trenchless replacement method of pipelines by the means of pipe bursting, gallery techniques, and pipe extraction. In addition to the replacement method and process description, this module discusses the areas of application and limits, the advantages and disadvantages as well as possible rehabilitation errors and options for quality assurance. The course presents this knowledge in 6 modules: 1. Pipe Bursting Basics 2. Pipe Bursting 3. The Welding of Plastic Pipes 4. Pullback of Pipelines 5. Gallery Techniques 6. Pipe Extraction

Upon the successful completion of this module you will be able to: • identify and implement the most important rules and specifications; • identify the replacement methods' areas of application, limitations as well as advantages and disadvantages. • identify possible causes of errors and describe quality assurance measures • select the appropriate replacement methods based on the type of damage and limiting conditions • identify influences affecting the extension or reduction of the useful service life of the new pipeline • identify possible quality checks and measures for the protection of the new pipeline • identify the effects of pipe bursting on the surrounding environment and from that calculate the required minimum distances to the adjacent utilities and structures • identify methods of tensile force control and restriction • dimension the pipeline insertion pit; calculate the pulling forces and the maximum bending radii of the pipeline. • classify plastics in relation to their weldability in thermoplastics, elastomers and thermosets • identify the influence of the density (crystallinity) of thermoplastics in terms of strength, stiffness, chemical resistance and impact strength. • identify properties of polyethylene, and the advantages resulting therefrom • differentiate between the various welding processes and to identify their areas of application • identify the factors effecting the weld quality and their consequences • identify possible errors during welding and understand their consequences on the quality

This module is offered by the Trenchless Technology Center, TTC (Louisiana) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein & Partner ( in cooperation with

The Trenchless Technology Center (TTC) was initiated as the Trenchless Excavation Center in 1989 and formally established as the Trenchless Technology Center in November 1991. It was created to promote research, development and technology transfer in the trenchless technology industry. The Center has been active in fulfilling its objectives. In addition to its research activities, a strong effort has been focused towards the education of engineers, contractors, government agencies and others about the availability and capability of trenchless methods for the solution of difficult underground infrastructure problems. The Center has also worked with various organizations in evaluating and developing new technologies for the industry.

On a global scale the group of companies Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein & Partner GmbH (subsequently called S&P) is the leading knowledge provider in the fields of pipeline installation, rehabilitation and maintenance as well as one of the leading engineering services providers for asset management of drain and sewer systems and water supply systems. visaplan GmbH is a subsidiary of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stein & Partner and a service provider for e-learning and knowledge transfer in the construction sector and thus responsible for the UNITRACC platform.

By combining experts from the fields of engineering, computer science and media development, we are able to offer all of the building blocks necessary for e-learning and knowledge management in the construction industry.

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