Improving trenchless installations with Riteline

May 08, 2024

Riteline spacers have been successfully appraised by the Water Services Association of Australia, providing a new option for pipeline installations that complies with WSA PS-324 for casing spacers.

Riteline Centralisers are an innovative solution designed to revolutionise the accuracy of trenchless installations by providing unparalleled support to the carrier pipe, ensuring its fixed position relative to the bored hole or encasement pipe.

Designed for the industry

Parent company OptionX Group chief executive officer Stuart Harrison said Riteline was developed to overcome a number of limitations of traditional spacers that increased risk on pipeline projects, and he is excited that they are now officially recognised by the industry.

“One of the limitations of traditional casing spacers was that they needed to be purchased in specific sizes and couldn’t be adapted on-site to meet changing needs,” Harrison said.

“This resulted in time, money and stock wastage.” Riteline Centralisers can accommodate pipes from 100mm in diameter, with no upper limit, and can be adjusted to different heights, ranging from 30mm up to 125mm. Incremental adjustments can be made to the existing centralisers rather than requiring new centralisers of a different size.

Typically, centralisers are made to either slot together to fully surround the pipe or must be designed in a size that completely surrounds the pipe. Regardless of the weight or load requirements, the maximum number of centralisers is called for. Riteline overcomes this limitation as the centralisers can be attached to the pipe as needed, with the number of spacers required based solely on the load, providing a tailored and efficient solution. This unique feature minimises the use of excess product and reduces costs and environmental impact.

“As each centraliser is individually attached to the pipe, the risk of catastrophic failure is reduced,” Harrison said. “Traditional centralisers that surround the pipe can fail when they snag on an obstacle in the bore, which can cause an entire ring of centralisers to move, compromising the installation.”

Enhanced adaptability and precision

Riteline Centralisers come in both Rigid and Flex Series depending on the project requirements. The Flex Series is distinguished by its ability to flex around bore imperfections due to its unique spring-like design that allows for tension adjustment and enables elastic deformation around obstacles to prevent jamming and ensure a smooth workflow.

Another benefit of Riteline Centralisers is their low-profile design, which allows grout to flow easily around them, preventing grouting failure, and ensuring secure and accurate installation all the time. “Riteline reduces potential issues with grouting because it is tensioned on the centreline,” Harrison said. “This means if any air pockets do happen to form, the pipe is already tensioned in the right position.

“They are also designed with very high-bond adhesive strips that prevent slippage to ensure accuracy is maintained and eliminate the need for pre-wrapping or treating the pipe.” Industry recognised, Australian owned and manufactured Riteline Centralisers were recognised at the 2023 Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology awards as a finalist for the ‘New Technology’ category.

“Riteline Centralisers are Australian owned and manufactured, developed over the course of almost ten years,” Harrison said. “It is fantastic to see them recognised as an innovative and game-changing product.” Riteline Centralisers are now available on the wider market. Visit for more information or to place an order.



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