Learn@Lunch: Your Choice of Xylem Digital Solutions

The Xylem team will present and discuss digital solutions topics as chosen by the live audience on the day. This interactive session will begin by letting viewers vote on their preferred topics.

Sep 24, 2020
Target groups: skilled tradesmen, engineers, technicians
Category: Seminar


The discussions will then show how the selected topics, linked to Xylem solutions, can help water utilities to overcome common challenges. These challenges include tariff reduction, leakage, energy use, staff turnover and knowledge retention. As well, growing external pressures like population growth, climate change, urbanisation, and now the global pandemic.

Preferred topics include:

  • Managing network assets, water and wastewater networks
  • Optimising treatment processes
  • AMIs - consumption and alarm data, reducing leakage
  • Pipeline inspections & assessments

The session aims to show how, by adopting digital solutions and services, utilities can achieve higher levels of performance in managing water compared to existing systems and hardware. This includes demonstrating how Xylem Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Real-Time Decision Support Systems (RT-DSS) can help to lower investment and improve operational efficiencies.

12 pm tp 1 pm UK time-zone


United Kingdom
Target language English


WWT - Water & Wastewater Treatment

Charlie Scott

RH19 1UZ East Grinstead

United Kingdom


+44 2342 332018




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