BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues

BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues is an established series of events in the international water sector. It was created in 2011, with the goal of being an evolving platform for exchanging knowledge, ideas, and experiences about solutions to improve the global water situation.

Nov 25, 2021
Target groups: skilled tradesmen, engineers, technicians, decision makers, professionals in water management
Category: Conference


Participants range across sectors, with politicians, private industry, researchers and non-government organizations represented. The various event formats closely link the transfer of knowledge from research projects to manufacturing companies and utilities to create and implement innovative solutions for the water sector. Formats such as direct dialogue, lecture series and panel discussions, round table meetings or workshops provide attractive opportunities for a direct exchange of ideas and opinions.

The BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues platform serves the goal of bringing together the demand that exists worldwide with the solutions and implementation skills of the German water industry. With their flexible exchange formats the BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues provide a policy-oriented platform for the broad international networking to discuss specific options and solutions to the worldwide challenges of global water management. The expertise, qualifications and skills for new technologies and services are readily available. Now, it is up to all players involved to deploy them. Entering into a dialogue about solutions is an essential step to improve the water situation world-wide. BLUE PLANET Berlin Water Dialogues has the long-term goal to establish the leading political and technical forum of the German water industry. Based on analysis of the water industry’s political framework at home and abroad, it presents specific technological approaches and provides a forum for solution-oriented discussion.


Target language English


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