Help section

The help section of UNITRACC will be refined continuously. Here you can find a growing faq-section and an access to the UNITRACC wiki, which features several topics referring the functions of UNITRACC. Furthermore, this page will list some detailed information on the usage of the UNITRACC backend in the future.


The following is a list of frequently asked questions about UNITRACC:

Do I have to pay for using UNITRACC?

In short: No! The "E-Journal" section and the enhanced reference book "Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Drains and Sewers" are free for all visitors of UNITRACC. The rest of the "Know-how" section (like documentations or other reference books) is conditional on an uncomplicated registration, which is totally free of charge!

Is there any content on UNITRACC that I would have to pay for?

Yes, there is. The e-learning material of the "Academy" section (courses, presentations, etc.) are only available for registeres users, which have unlocked specific content by paying a respective fee.