Utility Tunnelling - Geotechnical investigations

Geotechnical Report

Geotechnical Report - Extent

In trenchless installation, the geotechnical report should at least contain the following points [DIN18319:2000] [Scher99a] [GSTT5] [DCA01] [DINEN12889:2000]:

  • Results of borings or drillings/probings (bore and probing profiles),

  • Geophysical recordings,

  • Geological logs,

  • Characteristic soil values for structure planning,

  • Maximum and minimum groundwater level,

  • Degree of contamination of subsoil and groundwater by solids, gases and fluids,

  • Conditions for disposal and waste recycling and removal

  • Classification of the subsoil,

  • Information on the ability for excavation/boring/drilling of the soil,

  • Information on obstructions (e.g. cobbles, boulders, remains of foundations), fillings, cavities, foreign installations and military ordnance,

  • Sticking potential,

  • Aggressive influence of soil and groundwater.

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