Utility Tunnelling - Geotechnical investigations

Geotechnical Report

Additional Information on Soil


For soil, the geotechnical report must include the following point in addition:

  • Particle size distribution diagrams,

  • Particle shape,

  • Weight (per unit volume),

  • Subsidence behaviour,

  • Relative density (compactness),

  • Consistency and plasticity,

  • Water content, flow condition, water pressure,

  • Organic components,

  • Undrained and effective shear strength,

  • Sensitivity to changing conditions (e.g. water content, possibility of swelling or disturbance by mechanical stresses ("liquefaction"),

  • Deformation properties (modulus of elasticity),

  • Compaction or displacement capabilities,

  • Earth pressure coefficient,

  • Permeability coefficient,

  • Abrasiveness.

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