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Static Proof

Imperfections (Description)

The local imperfection wv is a short-wave bump and has to fulfill several tasks in static terms. First, it actually arises in hoses (especially in the installed condition, when the liner is still soft) due to humps in the wall of the host pipe. Secondly, it is intended to cover fluctuations in the material properties in the liner and thirdly, it is a purely computational aid to actually trigger the buckling of the liner in the calculation according to 2nd order theory [Beckmann2013].

The joint ring deformation wGR,V occurs in a cracked host pipe when its springline have shifted outward and the crown and invert have shifted inward and the liner is installed in the "ovalized" host pipe [Beckmann2013].

The gap formation wS results from shrinkage and/or shrinkage of the liner or the backfill construction material after installation, so that there is no longer any direct contact between the host pipe and the liner [Beckmann2013].


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