BE-13 Renovation: Lining with Cured-In-Place Pipes - Processes - v01

UV Light Curing

Quality Control of UV Spots

For the first time after 400 operating hours, the intensity of the UV spots has to be checked against a reference spot with regard to the irradiance of the spot in use (comparative measurement). The reference spot is a calibrated and measured spot. Each spot must then be checked after 150 further operating hours [DWAA143-3:2014].

The comparative measurement is carried out within the scope of self-monitoring using a measuring system with a tested reference spot and measuring sensor. If the irradiance decreases by more than 30 %, the spot must be replaced. The following test results must be documented for each spot and kept on site:

  • serial number,

  • first use of the radiator,

  • operating hours (curing processes),

  • check date,

  • measured value and result of the test,

  • identification of the reference spot.


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