BE-13 Renovation: Lining with Cured-In-Place Pipes - Processes - v01

Inversion with Water

Inversion with Water without Inversion Scaffold (Chip-Unit)

A special application of the inversion process is the use of a so-called chip unit (Controlled Head Inversion Process). This is a pressure vessel with a sealing system in which an internal pressure of up to 2 bar can be generated on the water-filled lining tube by means of air pressure. The device only requires a clear installation height of approx. 2.5 m.

The lining tube is lowered from a refrigerated container through the pressure-tight lip seal of the chip unit and the pressure chamber as well as the inversion tube attached underneath, led through a bend, turned inside out (bottom inversion) and fastened with stainless steel straps. The required hydrostatic water level can now be simulated on the water filling of the lining tube by means of the pressure chamber.



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