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Curing Process

Curing is the process of resin polymerization, which can be initiated or accelerated by heat (hot water or steam) or UV light. A combination of the curing techniques (hybrid curing) is possible.

Note: You cannot cure too much, but you can cure too little!


Overview of the different curing methods, example UP or VE resins.

Curing method Process
Heat-initiated curing Heat (60 to 90°C) initiates and maintains curing by decomposing the heat-sensitive peroxide compounds into radicals. By decomposing again, the double bonds attach themselves to the reaction resins and the copolymerization or polyaddition can be started. Curing is uniform throughout the liner thickness.
Light-initiated curing (UV light) The resins contain photocatalysts which react under UV light and thus initiate the curing process. However, complete curing of the lining tube can only be achieved where the UV rays of a certain wavelength and intensity penetrate the liner composite.



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