BE-13 Renovation: Lining with Cured-In-Place Pipes - Processes - v01

Heat-Initiated Curing / Hot Curing

Hot Curing with Steam

Hot curing by means of steam (steam curing) is limited to max. DN 400 and renovation lengths of approx. 150 m. The lining tube, which is set up by pressurized air, is charged with hot steam between approx. 60 °C to 115 °C.

The electronic temperature measurements and their documentation are carried out periodically at the start and end manholes and at the intermediate manholes.

Measurements are taken at the invert between the lining tube and the host pipe. The measuring intervals are to be selected so that all necessary process parameters can be documented. These include the internal pressure of the lining tube, the steam inlet and outlet temperature. The condensation water produced during steam curing must be drained from the lining tube.


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