BE-13 Renovation: Lining with Cured-In-Place Pipes - Processes - v01

Installation Variants of the Lining Tube

Combination Process (Winched-in-Place and Inverted-in-Place Insertion)

In this procedure the CIPP liner consists of two lining tubes. The first lining tube (carrier lining tube) serves to meet the static requirements and is installed using the winched-in-place insertion.

The second, thin-walled tube (calibration lining tube) is inserted into the first lining tube by inversion with water pressure. During inversion, the calibration tube inflates the first one and forms an intimate bond with it.

Lining tube 1: Polyester needle felt or EC-R glass fibre with diffusion-proof PE external membrane.

Lining tube 2: Polyester needle felt with an internal PE membrane.


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