BE-13 Renovation: Lining with Cured-In-Place Pipes - P...

Heat-Initiated Curing / Hot Curing

Hot Curing with Hot Water – Procedure

  • The heating hoses are pulled in during the inverted-in-place insertion and are connected to the mobile heating system after the lining tube inversion is completed

  • As return flow, suction hoses are inserted into the water column of the inversion tube at the starting manhole

  • The inversion water is sucked off, heated in the heating system, and then pumped through the heating hoses to the target manhole. The resulting water cycle is continued with a continuous increase in water temperature → Warming up phase

  • Circulation of hot water at constant temperature → curing phase

    • Electronic measurement and recording of the water column height

    • Electronic temperature measurement and documentation (also manual) every 30 minutes at the end manhole and intermediate manholes / shafts

    • Measurement at the invert and crown at the outer edge of the lining tube

    • Real-time measurement of temperatures and their recording at the flow and return lines of the heating system and at the sensors in the starting manhole

  • Cooling of the water to ambient temperature → Cooling phase.

    • Cooling of the process water to approx. 20 °C, taking into account the temperature reduction to be maintained (avoidance of material tensions/volume shrinkage)
    • Opening of the hardened lining tube and controlled draining of the water.


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