BE-13 Renovation: Lining with Cured-In-Place Pipes - P...

UV Light Curing

Comparison of the Curing Processes

Advantages of hot water

  • very good curing and post-curing

  • large nominal widths and long renovation distances possible

  • can be used with only one accessibility (Open-End Liner)

  • low purchase costs of the equipment and curing technology compared to UV light curing

Advantages of steam curing

  • very good curing and post-curing

  • steam curing is faster than hot water curing

  • no process water required

  • very well suited for steep gradients (pressure difference high / low point)

Advantages of UV light curing

  • very fast curing

  • low-stress curing (curing in one zone only)

  • high position stability of the lining tubes (no cooling required)

  • no impairment of the curing with grade and alignment problems of the pipeline

  • no process water required

  • no accumulation of condensate water

  • control before and during curing by means of an infrared CCTV camera

  • very well suited for steep slopes (pressure difference high / low point)


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