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Inversion with Water

Operating Principle

From the starting manhole, the lining tube is installed with the so-called inverted-in-place insertion. For this purpose, the lining tube head is turned inside out and, depending on the available space and diameter, attached to the top of the scaffolding (top inversion) or to the lower end of the inversion tube at the bottom of the manhole (bottom inversion). The pressure required for inversion is applied via the hydrostatic head of the water column within the inversion tube.

1. Mobile heating system
2. Water hydrant
3. Heating hose
4. Suction hose
5. Conveyor belt
6. Transport box for lining hose
7. Service water pipe
8. Lining pipe with water column
9. Lining tube
10. Elbow
11. Preliner (PE film tube)

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